Oxford Brookes Archaeology and Heritage

Oxford Brookes Archaeology and Heritage (OBAH) is a university-based consultancy which offers research and consultancy services in archaeology, heritage and the ancient environment.

Our consultancy

We are a team of recognised academics and professionals who specialise in the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf region, providing the highest level of expertise and experience. Our Geoarchaeology Division also provides specialist geoarchaeological services to the UK, as well as overseas regions such as the Balkans, North Africa, southern Africa, southeast Asia and the Middle East.

As well as conducting archaeological and environmental assessments, and survey and salvage operations for corporate clients, we also provide research at the highest level for local and international museums and heritage organisations working in Arabia and the Gulf region. Our expertise covers:

  • The archaeology and material culture of Arabia, from the earliest periods to the early 20th century AD
  • Reconstructing ancient environments, including geoarchaeology and environmental archaeology
  • Training and distance learning

If your company or organisation is undertaking development projects and wishes to contribute to the heritage of Arabia or elsewhere, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our mission

We deliver our services with the following core values:

  • Professionalism - our experienced team members have the highest standards and deliver our services on time, without compromising on quality
  • Responsibility - our business is founded on respect for local values and heritage; a key aim is to help local stakeholders to preserve and record their heritage
  • Academic Standards - the team includes the highest level of academic expertise available in Arabian archaeology, history, heritage and geoarchaeological studies

The data that we collect during our consultancy work is irreplaceable and in many cases significantly adds to our knowledge of past environments and Arabian heritage. We therefore take care to analyse it fully and publish it when appropriate, to enrich the global understanding of the region.

Contact us

Oxford Brookes Archaeology and Heritage
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Professor Adrian Parker

Tel: +44 (0)1865 48 3753
Email: agparker@brookes.ac.uk

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