OBAH Geoarchaeology Division

Our Geoarchaeology Division aims to deliver services which will bridge the gap between the archaeological record and the evolving Quaternary landscape, thus creating a direct link between humans and the environment in which they lived.

We can provide a full range of on-site and off-site solutions to site mitigation which have provision for palaeoenvironmental and geoarchaeological investigations, including recording, sampling and interpretation of Quaternary and archaeological stratigraphic sequences, borehole surveys in advance of archaeological investigation, quantitative laboratory analyses of sediments and soils, palaeohydrological and topographic reconstruction, alluvial (floodplain) archaeology and sedimentology, coastal geomorphology and sea level change, pollen and phytolith analysis.

Additionally, we have specific expertise in climate modelling (particularly in Arabia), both ancient and recent (Adrian Parker). We also specialise in the examination of sedimentary sequences deposited in caves as rockshelters in order to reconstruct on-site and off-site environmental change (both natural and anthropogenic) (Mike Morley), and alluvial sequences/floodplain archaeology (Adrian Parker and Mike Morley). Our laboratories are fully equipped to deal with a wide range of scientific analyses employed to answer questions concerning the reconstruction of past environments, site formation processes and the functional analyses of archaeological features and sediments. Our team has considerable experience in commercial geoarchaeological fieldwork in the UK, as well as elsewhere in Europe, North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and Asia.

Our geoarchaeological services includes: