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Archaeology of the Shore: multidisciplinary approaches

Dates: To be confirmed

Duration: 4 days

Course leaders: Professor Adrian Parker and Dr Hannah Russ

This 4-day course teaches multidisciplinary, practical approaches to the study and understanding of shoreline sites from site formation processes to post-excavation analyses.

Course description

People have used and settled areas located near both freshwater and marine environments for thousands of years. These locations offer increased resource availability, providing the means for survival, and later, trade and exchange.

This course combines short lectures and case studies with practical laboratory sessions and tutorials that provide an introduction to a range of techniques that can be applied to shoreline archaeological sites. The focus of the course is on practical skills, covering laboratory methods in geoarchaeology and zooarchaeology. Guest speakers will deliver case studies specific to their area of expertise.

Over the duration of the course you will learn about site formation processes by carrying out loss on ignition, magnetic susceptibility analysis and partical size analyses on sediment samples from archaeological sites. You will be introduced to the range of environmental remains that might be associated with shoreline sites; fish and aquatic bird and mammal bones, aquatic molluscs and crustaceans. You will also consider the study of artefactual remains in the understanding of aquatic resource exploitation.

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